Road still closed after weekend storm

Road still closed after weekend storm

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Water is no longer flowing through the wash at Araby Drive, but the muddy mess still remains. However, sections of Indian Canyon and Araby Drive remain closed as of Monday. 

It is an inconvenience for some horseback riders, joggers, and bikers. Beau Vincelli was unable to ride his bike across the wash at Araby Drive. 

"We were heading behind us here to go for a little ride along this street and we can't get back to where we want to go see the home," said Vincelli. 

While the wash flooding is a concern and an inconvenience for some, neighboring residents aren't too concerned about it. 

Andy Hollinger is a long time resident of the Araby Cove neighborhood.

"This is actually a lot of fun for us," said Hollinger. "We never see the water running like it does occasionally and so about ever decade we have a big washout like this and it's just a minor inconvenience."

People who like in Araby Cove use Araby Drive and Rim Road to access their homes. With Araby Drive closed, they can only use Rim Road. Still, Hollinger says this is only a minor inconvenience. 

"To have to wait a week or two or three before the city brings in a bulldozer is fine with us," said Hollinger.

Waiting all that time could become a major inconvenience for some, such as Vincelli.

"Hopefully the city can get out here on time and do their job like they're supposed to like they get paid to do so from our taxpayers." 

Cathedral Canyon, Vista Chino, Gene Autry and Frank Sinatra are all back open. 

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