Riverside County prepares for arrival of undocumented immigrants

Riverside County prepares for arrival of undocumented immigrants

MURRIETA, Calif. - A federal decision is impacting a local community. Starting Tuesday, around 140 undocumented immigrants will be transported from Texas to Murrieta every 72 hours. 

Some residents of the city are unhappy with this decision, and the mayor spoke for all of them at a news conference Monday.

"The plane will land at 11 o'clock in San Diego," said Murrieta Mayor, Alan Long. "They'll go though a screening process in San Diego tomorrow at 11 o'clock. After they're done with that screening process they will be bussed to the local border patrol office here in Murrieta."

Most of the arriving immigrants will be children and some adults who entered the country illegally over the Texas border. They are being transported to less crowded areas, like Murrieta, for processing. After, they will be released.

"Based on what border patrol has told us they're going to process 140 without incident and these people will reach their destinations," added Mayor Alan Long. "That's the best case scenario."

But, the people of Murrieta are worried about the worst case scenario. 

"I've got small grandchildren and the border agents with all the diseases and the safety for the people... It just breaks my heart," said Murrieta resident, Diana Serafin. "It just breaks my heart what's going on and the exploited children coming up."

It's a situation Murrieta prepared for over three weeks. But, how long it will continue remains up in the air.

"Certainly at least for a matter of weeks and it could possibly go on longer than that," said Murrieta Councilmember, Rick Gibbs.

Still, the people of Murrieta plan to fight this federal decision. 

"We can scream loud," added Serafin. "The citizens can have town halls, rallies, protests, show them how we feel. It can be changed."

The hope is after the immigrants are processed, they can contact friends or family. Some of those friends and family members may live in the Coachella Valley. 

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