Remembering Marilyn Monroe, 50 years later

Marilyn Monroe Tribute

Sir Elton John said Marilyn Monroe lived her life like a candle in the wind.
Sunday night, Elton John tribute artist Jeffrey Allen reminded people just that -- on the 50th anniversary of the starlet's death.

"She depicts Hollywood. When you think Hollywood, you think Marilyn Monroe, and that's why her legacy has been around so long," Elton John tribute artist Jeffrey Allen said.

The "Candle In the Wind" concert by this tribute artist took place at the 26-foot-tall "Forever Marilyn" statue in Palm Springs.

The city shines big lights on the blonde bombshell, who spent time in Palm Springs in the 1950s with her then-husband, baseball legend Joe Dimaggio. PS Resorts says she eventually owned a home in the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood in the early 1960s.

Marilyn captivated audiences for the obvious reasons.

"She is the epitome of sexiness. Her looks, the way she dresses, her demeanor. She's very gorgeous," Marilyn fan Shana Wilgar said.

Clearly, there was more to it. Something stuck, even half a century later.

"Somebody that can carry on for 50 years and still have that much impact is pretty impressive. There are very few people in this world who can carry that much power after 50 years and still have this many people be enamored with her," Marilyn fan Doug Wilgar said.

"She's not your typical skinny woman. She's a fun-going model, but she had the curves and that was what Hollywood was all about back then, and thanks to her we still have some of that left," Allen said.

Clearly, she's a candle that burned out long before her legend ever did.

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