Remembering local Music Man Randy Hewitson

Hewitson owned Musicians Outlet in Palm Desert for 30 years

Hewitson Death

PALM DESERT, Calif. - A local man who brought music opportunities to hundreds of thousands of Valley residents passed away this morning.  Randy Hewitson, the owner of Musician's Outlet in Palm Desert died this morning from complications of heat exhaustion and kidney failure.  Hewitson ran the music store for more than 30 years but he was much more than a business owner he was a big part of this community and to many he was *The sound of music.*

According to Hewitson's son Aaron, "He had a love of music, he had been a musician his whole life and he really enjoyed it and most people don't start a music store to be a millionaire they do it because they love it so much and that's really what he was passionate about."

Passionate, giving, loving, charitable and kind, just some of the words from friends and family describing 60 year old Randy Hewitson.  His love was music!  He built his business from the ground floor filling it with instruments and all the tools musicians would need to learn and succeed. For 30 years it's been the go-to place for lessons, equipment and advice from the very best. But Hewitson was more than just a businessman.

Tracy Dietlin Owner and Publisher of the CV Weekly Newspaper was a personal friend of Hewitsons for more than 25 years.

"He supports the Autisim Benefit and the Cancer Foundation and any charity whenever they need help. He's supported the music awards ever since I've started them and every battle of the bands any small to big event he's always been there and he's been like that for the whole community"

The always giving Hewitson had to ask help when his store burnt down last july.  It was a shock and he and his family lost $300,000 worth of merchandise. They are in a new location now but it wasn't without a lot of support.  Tracy Dietlin and Phil Lacombe owners and publishers of the CV Weekly Newspaper and music awards says the community was glad to give back.

Dietlin says, "He always went that extra mile for people he wasn't just about the dollar it was how he could help the music community he was one of a kind."

For his son Aaron, hearing from people who knew his dad and the impact he had on their lives is the bright spot in what is the worst day of life, losing his father.

"It's amazing to see all these people that are reaching out for friend requests saying, "I just want to tell you you don't know me but your dad got me started, our dad, brought music to my family's life, your dad did so much for us and that's just the music side."  "The guy didn't have an evil bone in his body when it came to anybody that needed help even to his own detriment like he would always be there just a real special guy."

Muscians Outlet will remain open.  The family is working on funeral plans and are hoping to put together a celebration of life that will include a whole lot of music.  Randy Hewitson was 60 years old.

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