Rancho Mirage Police Department Launches Virtual Neighborhood Watch Program

The police department has partnered with Nextdoor.com

It's a sign of the times, the Rancho Mirage Police Department has set up a virtual neighborhood watch program.

The police department has partnered with the website Nextdoor.com as a way for police and residents to communicate back and forth about safety issues and crime prevention.

Like any neighborhood watch program, the key to its success; people have to be willing to get to know who's living in their neighborhood.

"We want neighbors to talk to each other, so once they sign up for Nextdoor, they can meet some of their neighbors next door that they don't know and learn about them," said Rancho Mirage Police Lt. Pete Ortiz.  "Just facilitate information between neighbors so they can keep their community safer."

As a security measure, Nextdoor.com reviews the information people provide to the website to make sure they live in the Rancho Mirage neighborhood they claim to live in.

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