Rally against gang violence as bullets hit Desert Hot Springs homes

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DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - A Desert Hot Springs mom says it's time to end gang violence in the Valley.

It's been a year since her teenage son died in a gang shooting, a case that is still unsolved. She rallied for change just as more shots were fired a few blocks away.

"I want justice for my son," said Tisha Inwald.

Tristan Inwald was 19-years-old when he was gunned down a year ago while walking down the street

"Broad daylight, that is bad.  A kid walking in the broad daylight to his aunts house and they shot him down and I don't feel like anybody is doing anything," said Inwald.

Tristan's family chanted and waved signs in front of the desert hot springs police station.

"He was a good kid he had a heart of gold, if he loved you and you were his friend, he loved you.  He was polite, he was a good kid," said Inwald.

Just a few blocks away bullets hit three homes. 

"I was actually scared, I have my nieces and nephews and it could have hurt one of them," said Manual Ayon. He told us is was inside him home when it was hit.

No one got hurt.  One bullet went through two car windows before hitting a garage door, another through a wall.

Police officers found 9 shell casings, they don't know if it is gang related.

"We don't believe what's going on, we are angry, and it's not right at all,"said Tristan's cousin Jodie Poemoceah.

"It's ridiculous, I think they should put some force out and do something," said Inwald.

The Desert Hot Springs Police Department says they are investigating, but they need the public's help. 

"The biggest problem we are having is the gang culture.  People that are involved that know information aren't usually very receptive of police officer, not willing to give information they do know to help solve the case," said Desert Hot Springs Detective Larry Essex.

Until they do, Inwald and her family say they won't give up. 

Click here to learn more about Tristan Inwald's story.

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