PSPD mobile app opening lines of communication

PSPD Mobile App

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -      The Palm Springs Police Department is using a mobile app to help keep you informed and opening the lines of communication between the public and the police department like never before.

     If you search "Palm Springs Police Department" or "PSPD" in your mobile device's app store you can download the free app that allows users to  report a crime, issue, or complaint. There is also direct access to the most wanted suspects database, missing persons database, and unsolved cases, along with ability to document valuable items if they are ever lost or stolen along with other features on the applications home screen.

    "The public is able to communicate through us without having to call and wait for somebody on the phone, they can send us the information right now, we can respond to it in a timely matter for them which is really important because I think the increased response times to the public is really important as well," said Sergeant William Hutchinson.

     The free application is available on most mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, but not on Blackberry.   

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