Protect your eyes in extreme heat and dry conditions

PALM DESERT, Calif. - If you're diving into the pool or simply out and about under the sun, the summer heat and desert winds can sure put stress on your eyes.

"We live in the dry eye capitols of the world. It's also a time when UVB light at it's highest intensity," said Dr. Michael Roth, optometrist at Milauskas Eye Institute in Palm Desert.

Ways to protect those valuable lookers of yours include wearing a hat and sunglasses, which may be common sense but it is often forgotten. It's the same for kids.

"They have the same eyes as you and I do. Sunglasses are really important," said Roth.

Your shades aren't just a fashion statement but a safety measure to prevent long term damage such as cataracts or macular degeneration.

"With macular degeneration, I'd look at you and wouldn't be able to see your face, people have difficulty walking, playing sports, and you can't drive. Life isn't very much fun.

The doctor encourages regular checkups, drops for dryness or a warm damp towel at night, and don't forget your eye candy.

"Eat anything green and yellow, exercise and watch your cholesterol," said Roth.

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