Presidents' Day Parade teaches kids about the U.S.

INDIO, Calif. - Jessica Rodriguez grew up coming to the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival's Annual Presidents' Day Parade. 

"My dad used to bring me when I was small, now I come with my kids," Rodriguez said. 

She now sits with her young daughter Rosa every year, watching local organizations, high school bands and cheerleaders, city officials, and TV personalities John White, Karen Devine, Rob Bradley, and Danielle Gersh roll down Highway 111. 

While Rodriguez wants her daughter to enjoy the entire parade, she really wants her to appreciate the parts that reflect our country's history.

"Without our veterans, they couldn't protect us overseas. If we didn't have them, can you imagine what would happen to us?" she said. 

The event's grand marshall, General Herb Temple - a three star general and three time presidential nominee - said parades like this teach so much.   

"There's much for the young people to learn. What's occuring in the community they live in. The officials here you see are so important on maintaining our government and the foundation on which America is built," Temple said. 

"If it wasn't for the Presidents, we wouldn't have laws and the economy. If it wasn't for them everyone would be doing their free will," Rodriqguez said. 

So all morning long, she sat with Rosa.

"I point out to the little one because the older ones know already," she said. 

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