President Obama arrives in Palm Springs

President Obama arrives in the Coachella Valley

PALM SPRINGS, Calif - President Obama has arrived in the Coachella Valley. Air Force One touched down at Palm Springs International Airport at 3:18 p.m.

President Obama's motorcade

Air Force One departed LAX just after 2:30 p.m. on its way to Palm Springs International Airport.

Obama leaves Air Force One in Palm Springs

President Obama attended two fundraisers for the DNC at the Santa Monica home of Megan and Peter Chernin this morning.

Video: President Obama leaves LAX

The White House adjusted President Barack Obama's travels plans in Southern California due to a shooting on the campus of Santa Monica College.

The college is about three miles from where the president attended a fundraiser Friday afternoon.

The Secret Service said the shooting was being treated as a local police matter and had not affected the president's visit.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president would be driven back to the Los Angeles airport to "avoid any impact on the ongoing local response to the shooting." Air Force One flew Obama from San Jose to Los Angeles, where he boarded his helicopter for the trip to Santa Monica.

Meanwhile, people watched closely here in the valley as the President arrived.  People gathered outside the airport, doing anything to cope with triple digit heat, hoping for just a glimpse of the commander-in-chief.  People like Cathedral City resident Willie Luellen who started waiting at 9 AM. "For my parents that could not see a black men become president, it is historic," said Luellen.  "For me, for myself, I'm very proud."

Other came from farther away.  Ray Martinez took a detour in his trip from Phoenix to San Clemente, just to share in the moment.  "To see that plane, it's just a beautiful bird," said Martinez.  "We want to see it, and how it represents our country, and that's what I wanted to see."

Once the plane landed, the president was greeted by local dignitaries, then his motorcade began the drive to the Sunnylands Estate.  People from all over the valley greeting him along the way.   "Not a lot goes on here, it's just a good feeling to know he shows support for local towns as well," said La Quinta high school junior Dillion Dominugez.  "It says a lot about him."

The large motorcade drew crowds all along its route.  Valley residents of all ages showed their respect for the president. "People don't usually give recognition to the things the president does do, they talk about all the things he doesn't do," said La Quinta high school junior Sarah Post.  "So I would just like to tell him, he's a good president."

As for the crucial meeting with the Chinese president this weekend, Luellen offers this advice to the president. "As Rodney King once said, we can all get along, we can be who we are," said Luellen.

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