POTUS arrival draws crowds throughout valley

Presidential Motorcade

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - AIr Force One came rumbling into the Coachella Valley for the second time in eight months, once again, giving people a chance to see the grandeur of a presidential visit up close and personal.  "Oh it was exciting, we saw it," said Steve Fleischman.  "Air Force One came right over the boulevard here, really low and slow.  It was exciting, big beautiful 747."

President Obama touched down at the Palm Springs International airport half an hour behind schedule, well after sunset, but there were no complaints from the crowd.  "The plane flew in, and I've never seen it all lit up before, with all its lights," said Brad Bernier.  "It was really exciting."

Shortly after his arrival, officer shut down surrounding streets, clearing a path for the motorcade.  Eager onlookers cheered and waved at the cars, some who spent all day waiting, others who just got lucky."I saw a motorcade go by and the next thing I know, we're stopped at the light," said Carol Dean Ross.  "I guess what we had front row seats, how fun is that."

"When it came around the corner, both of them came at a perfect angle, I got some great pictures of it," said Bernier.  "And it's a great memory."

A memory worth putting politics aside for a moment to welcome the commander-in-chief to the place we call home.  "Like him or not, he's in our town and he likes being here to do his business like that it's very cool," said Ross. 

An experience young and old will not soon forget, even if it did keep them up a little later than expected. "It's bed time and this is way better than Curious George, right?" said Dean.  "Yeah!" her young son responded. 

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