Pizza Chain Stirring Controversy with New Pizza Name

Questionable Pizza name has mixed reactions

COACHELLA, Calif. - A Texas-based pizza chain is generating a lot of buzz over the naming of its new pizza. The name "La Chin*&$@," a profanity in Spanish, can either mean something really good or something really offensive.
The pizza chain "El Patron" has a location on Grapefruit Boulevard in Coachella. Franchise owner, Juan Romero says the company didn't mean any offense, but the name is still getting mixed reaction.

"I don't know, it sounds bomb, I want to go over there and get some!" said Coachella resident Adrian Rivas, "Nah, la chin*$^#, no I don't think its offensive," he added.

"La chin*$&#? Yeah, for some people it is. Could be a little more disrespectful, just for the name that it has," said Poly Dueñas from Coachella.

The pizza comes with jalapeño infused pepperoni, plus more diced jalapeño on top, meant to challenge the customer, if they can handle the pizza's heat.

"You really have to be able to tolerate spicy food. Mexicans, when somebody does something awesome you call him "chin*$&%." So, we figured we could name this pizza "La Chin*$&%", and if you're man enough to take the spice you can say I conquered "La Chin*$&#."
According to the company in Texas, some franchise owners are refusing to offer the pizza on its menus because of the name, Romero said he doesn't plan to do that.

A lot of our core customers are Mexicans, and this is something for them. They can hopefully relate to with the name and hopefully they can enjoy pizza and they won't find it offensive.

Whether the pizza is deserving of its name, you'll have to be the judge of that, it won't be offered until March 31st.  

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