Pink products; how to donate the most money to the fight against breast cancer

PALM DESERT, Calif. - During the month of October, pink products line store shelves, garnering a lot of attention. 

"Yes it does because I have two sisters that had breast cancer and two nieces with breast cancer," Sandy MacDonald said.

Have you ever wondered how much of your money actually goes toward the fight against cancer?

"Usually things are just said very bland, like 'Oh, just donate for this' but they don't go into detail what it's helping what it's going to be used for," Julissa Rodriguez said. 

We wanted to know how easy it is to find out how much of your money goes where. 

Take a $69 pink blender from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Below the picture it says Cuisinart donates 3% of proceeds from the blender to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Here is Sephora Beauty Oil, Breast Cancer Awareness Edition. 20 percent of the proceeds is given to the rose, a charity committed to treating women with breast cancer. 

"Just try to look for the one where most money goes to breast cancer research. That's the most important thing," MacDonald said. 

We found out Ford sells 'We Are Warriors' merchandise, such as pink hoodies and tank tops. According to their website, 100% of the net proceeds of these sales goes to charities such as the Pink Fund and Susan G. Komen.  

Every donation is a good donation, large or small, but if you had to choose and want to get the most bang for your buck, you can always check the fine print online.

If you really want to know, most products have a description saying what percentage goes where.

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