People remember where they were 50 years ago, like it was yesterday

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Fifty years later, people still remember like it was yesterday. 

"My six year old son came out telling me the President has been shot and I thought, 'What are they watching on TV? It must be about Abraham Lincoln,'" Gae Disson said. 

"We were in a biology class in high school and they came in and announced it. We were in shock because our star basketball player was named Kennedy, so everyone went there first. Because no one could believe it was the President," Harland England said. 

Just as much as people remember where they were, they also remember how they felt. 

"It just put  a pit in your stomach. This can't happen, not in the United States," England said. 

Feelings and memories people don't think they'll ever forget, and for good reason. 

"Nowadays things like that happened all the time. But in those days, things like that just don't happen," Harland said. 

"He was a popular president. We looked up to him," Disson said. 

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