Penalties for Tainted Polish

Legistlation moves forward in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - California could double fines on manufacturers who use dangerous chemicals in nail polishes labeled as "nontoxic."

Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco, says his bill responds to "a few bad actors" that misbrand their cosmetics.

SB977 would double penalties from $3,800 to $7,600 for manufacturers who fail to properly label their ingredients.

The bill responds to a state report that found some polishes advertised as free of three of the most common toxic chemicals actually contained one or more of them, including formaldehyde.

Regulators say the mislabeled nail products could harm thousands of workers and their customers in more than 48,000 California nail salons. They say the chemicals have been linked to birth defects.

Senators approved the bill 35-0 on Thursday. It now moves to the Assembly.

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