Parts of Joshua Tree National Park closed because of rain damage

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JOSHUA TREE, Calif. - The past couple of weeks, rain in the valley was hit or miss, but, in Joshua Tree National Park, it was always hit.

Torrential rains left many roads washed out. Two of the three entrances to the park are closed, but the entrance to the most iconic part of the park is open.

"The northern part of the park where the majority of the Joshua trees still remains open to the public," George Land from Joshua Tree National Park said. 

For the national park, the rain itself is good news.

"It's a tremendous thing. We have over 760 vascular plants, 40 species of mammals, 41 species of reptiles. They all require water to live. We were in a stressful position. This was welcome to us," Land said. 

For visitors,  a limited park is not so good.

"It's a bit disappointing because we drove here and want to see and hear stories," William Koster said. 

"Like he said, it's a disappointment but we have never been here so we don't know what to expect so probably we will think it's so nice the parts that are open," Bianca Mescher said. 

"These are acts of God, it can't be helped, but it's disappointing," Jane Connolly said. 

No word on when the whole park will open back up. 

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