Parkview residents feeling fenced in

When a chain link fence went up across the back yards of nine mobile homes, the residents of Scenic View Road said goodbye to their scenic views.

"It ruins our view of the mountains," Steve Haynes said. "It generally just makes you feel like you're in a prison yard when you're out the back door of your home."

Like her Scenic View Road neighbors, Marcie Gilman received a letter from developer Matthew Werner stating that the property to the west of her mobile home had been bought by his company.  The letter states a fence will be installed, but she didn't expect it to cut her back patio in half, and pose as an eyesore.

"This is devastating," Gilman said. "I bought this property a little over a year ago because of this beautiful back, and I could get right in and hike. My kids come and hike. This is Tahquitz here."

The chain-link fence has caused some nicely appointed back yards to be broken up.

"I had a beautiful back yard this morning," Judy Henson said. "Green grass, the turf which is there. Now it's all like this (uprooted). Just a mess."

Henson is paying to move her air conditioning unit behind the new fence, which she thinks may be cutting across Parkview Estates property.

Henson's next door neighbor - Brenda Frazer - has gone to the Riverside County and Palm Springs city offices, to determine the exact dividing lines of the properties. She thinks the fence could be encroaching on the park's property and her back yard, but she's not sure what she can do about it.

"We can't sue," Frazer said. "We can't take legal action against the new owner because we're sub-lessee's of the park, and the park is the lessee of the land owner. We've been given the run around for years as to who owns the park."

When contacted by phone, Parkview Property Manager, Anne James referred a reporter to the property owner, Sheldon Vidibor, but she refused to provide his phone number. When asked about the residents concerns, James hung up the phone.

A call to the new land owners next door to Parkview Mobile Estates was not immediately returned.

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