Parents frustrated with construction at Landau Elementary School

Parents frustrated with construction at Landau Elementary School

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - It's back to school for some students in the Coachella Valley. But the first day proved to be a bit chaotic for Landau Elementary School. Its parking lot is still not finished and some parents aren't happy about the new pick-up and drop-off situation.

"It's annoying and it's a hassle," said Sandy Martinez.

That's the reaction of parents dropping off and picking up their students on the first day back.

Many parents wondering why it's taking so long to finish the job.

"It's kind of crazy. You know, I went by just down the street and it's been empty. Nobody working days on end; they have this contract, you think it would have been done by now," said Todd Arnold.

The school said it started the project right when school let out, but with only 62 days in their break the contractor couldn't get the job done. But school officials said the completion day is just around the corner.

"The first week of September. We're hoping it's sooner but that's what the contractor has given us," said Julie Arthur, the facilities director.

They hope things will get better as people get used to the changes.

"The best thing we can ask the parents is their patience and their communication with their kids, is to let us know and let your kids know where they're going to get dropped off and picked up because the two areas that we have are kind of far away from each other," said Principal Wendy Meka.

In the end, the school said, it will be worth it, with a bigger parking lot, more mobile classrooms and a bathroom near them. The school is asking parents to not park in the bus drop-off area because that's for the special-ed buses. It also asks parents to get here a little bit earlier and if anyone is driving by the school, they ask you to slow down.

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