"Palm Swings" Film Casting Extras

It's your chance to make it on the big screen!

"Palm Swings" Film Casting Extras

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - A new production of a locally produced film called "Palm Swings" is looking for over 75 extras. They will begin filming with extras on June 17th.

The executive producer of the film Thyme Lewis, says it's a fun film to get involved in and it's a way to get your foot through the door if you're an aspiring actor.

The film is about a young married couple that moves to Palm Springs and puts their love to the test by playing in the local "swingers" scene.  It was directed by Sean Hoessli and written by Amanda Lockhart. 

If you're interested, email palmswingscasting@gmail.com with a head shot and a short bio. 

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