Palm Springs Web company wants out of California

SquawkBoard.com asks, 'why stay here?'

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - The backbone of a new social website with free online classifieds is looking to not only leave Palm Springs, but leave California altogether.

SquawkBoard.com offers "neighborhood bulletin boards" for neighborhoods throughout the United States, so where the company moves to is really wide open, said spokeswoman Faith Jackson.

"California's tax hike will place a strain on SquawkBoard's growing company and is seeking to save various taxes by moving out of the state," she said.

Gov. Jerry Brown is seeking to raise taxes and establish across-the-board cuts as a way to shore up the state's $16 billion budget gap.  Sales and income taxes are first on his list, with hopes of raising enough money to prevent more cuts to education.

But more and more, business leaders are starting to see Brown's plans as "taxing" their relationship with the state.

"Why start or stay here ... where the tax burden continues on the uprise for all businesses?" asked said SquawkBoard's CEO Gary Drew.

He claims 254 large companies have left California over the last year, which is five times higher than 2009. He said he fears the latest tax hike will probably push his company out, too.

"We're looking for a state that we can expand and grow SquawkBoard," Drew explained.

SquawkBoard's re-location, of course, has a heavy online component.

The company wants feedback online or calls to SquawkBoard telling them where they should re-locate.

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