Palm Springs "squatters" leave, homeowner returns

Cory Tschogl returns to her Palm Springs condo for the first time since the now infamous squatters left.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - The unwanted tenants of a Palm Springs condo are now gone. The owner, Cory Tschogl, took us with her as she returned for the first time since May.

Tschogl rented out her apartment to Maksym Pashanin for 44 days.

After the rental agreement was up, he refused to leave. He said that under California law, he is legally a tenant -- and he was right.

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Tschogl says the only thing she could do was serve eviction papers. She says the process cost thousands of dollars and no action on their part for three to six months.

After we identified Pashanin, neighbors and Tschogl said he went silent.

"I was so happy to hear that you discovered who the squatters were, and talked to the neighbors and brought pictures to identify them," she says, "because it pushed the timeline forward. Instead of these guys waiting for the three to six month eviction process, press shows up, starts taking pictures, they don't like being exposed, and it flushed them out three to four months sooner."

They left the condo in near-mint condition. The cabinets were stocked, the kitchen and bathroom was clean.

"I was expecting something completely different," Tschogl said, "I'm obviously very relieved."

She doesn't blame Airbnb. She says, though, things will need to change before she rents again.

"I don't know if people can understand it but there's this feeling of violation like being violated, so I don't want anything to do with the way this place is now. I'll definitely change everything out if I'm going to keep it and keep renting it."

No one knows for sure when the squatters left.

Tschogl gives the obvious warning to others renting in California: Don't rent for more than thirty days or know the law. Also, research your tenants before giving them the keys.

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