Palm Springs sign vandalized for second time

Letter stolen from sign, letters bent back in 2011

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - We have new information on the confusion over a missing letter "S" on a Palm Springs sign. Turns out, the final "S" of that sign at Gene Autry Trail and Vista Chino was vandalized on March 18th. The city noticed it, took the letter down, and ordered a new one. Wednesday,  someone noticed it was gone and called police thinking it just was stolen. The new letter, which cost $1200, should be here in a couple weeks.

The intersection has long been considered the gateway to the city.

The sign now reads, 'Palm Spring'.

The same sign was vandalized in April of 2011 when somebody bent the 'P' and the 'S'.  The sign was fixed about 2 months after the vandalism.

The sign was paid for with federal stimulus money in 2010.

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