Palm Springs plans to reduce water use by 25%

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - The City of Palm Springs has announced how it plans to significantly reduce its water use after Governor Brown's call to action.

Governor Brown asked California residents to help combat the ongoing drought in a press conference on Wednesday.

Palm Springs has laid out a conservation plan to reduce its water use by 25%.

City officials said water conservation will be implemented immediately through some initial key steps. The steps were outlined at a City Council meeting Wednesday night.

The plan to reduce water is as follows:

  • Watering parks and medians every other day
  • Watering in the evening hours
  • Using water during firefighter training only when absolutely required
  • Aggressively monitoring and replacing broken sprinkler heads
  • Implementing a new citywide radio controlled irrigation system

Officials said the Office of Sustainability has already succeeded in significantly reducing water usage through a Lawn Buyback incentive program which has already saved the community a total of eleven million gallons annually. and through several residential and business rebate and giveaway programs for low-flow toilets, faucet aerators and energy and water efficient appliances.

"Since the Office of Sustainability was first established in 2009, with the help of our citizens, Palm Springs has saved an estimated total of over 40 million gallons of water, said Michele Mician, manager of the Office of Sustainability. "In particular, I want to thank Mayor Pougnet and the Sustainability Commission for their continued leadership efforts when it comes to water conservation."

Palm Springs has also partnered with the Desert Water Agency to install smart water control devices in residences throughout the city.

"For several years now, the City of Palm Springs has been committed to leading
the way in water conservation and we are exceeding Governor Brown's call to
action by continually practicing and promoting water saving strategies that benefit our residents and businesses," said Mayor Steve Pougnet. "I encourage every Palm Springs citizen to join as we strive to become a city known worldwide for good water conservation efforts."

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