Palm Springs International Film Festival draws in younger movie buffs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - After parties - young films - the hottest celebrities. It just makes sense.

"Our demographic in general is getting younger," Mary Jo Ginther from the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism said. 

As the Palm Springs International Film Festival gets more in touch with pop culture, it brings a younger audience. 

"Who doesn't want to see some of these major stars, but they are definitely a group the younger group follows and will make a trip to see," Ginther said. 

Ginther said it also helps draw in youth when younger directors showcase their new films in the festival. Plus, the desert keeps offering more, too. 

"It started with Coachella, the Ace then came to town, with the things they've done it has provided a place for younger people. Then we have the Saguaro, now the Hard Rock Hotel opened," she said.


We checked in with Ace Hotel & Swim Club general manager Brian Butterworth. 

"We always see younger people checking into the hotel, but this weekend, you would have thought to see more diverse, but our crowd was younger," he said. 

"You're building your future. If you're young and coming with friends or family, you're going to build your preferences and loyalty to the destination, where you're staying,t he place you love to go. You'll come back time and time again,' Ginther said. 

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