Palm Springs High School will have new football field by spring

Football field remodeled for hefty price

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - After more than three months, Palm Springs High School is finally getting a new football field. 

"We're in the process of completely remodeling the football field. They dug down, brought in top soil, put in a new irrigation system and they're preparing for sod to be laid," said Dennis Zink, athletic director for Palm Springs High School.

The school closed the field before the last home game in October, after someone spotted thousands of pieces of crushed glass scattered from one end zone to the other.  The glass came from mulch delivered by "California Bio-Mass," a Thermal-based company that since closed.  

The school tried to tackle the issue of removing the glass, but it proved impossible. 

"We tried everything. We tried to pick it up, we tried a gold course grass sweeper, there was no way to get the glass out and we couldn't put kids on the field without being confident 100% of the glass was out," Zink said. 

The district filed an insurance claim, but would not disclose details. One thing we did learn: just how costly this remodel will be.

Byrom-Davey, the company in charge of building the new field, says the project totals $350,000. But as for who's paying for the remodel?

"I can't comment on funding," Zink said. 

The track is set to re-open February 25, but students will not be able to play on the field until later this spring.

"We won't have access to the grass portion of the field until April 7. The sod has to make sure it's stable before we can get people out here." Zink said.

The school says now it's about moving forward and finding the positive in this ordeal.

"We're going to have a beautiful stadium after this process," Zink said.   

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