Palm Springs food provider sends out plea for financial help

The Well In The Desert says summer months are hardest as it tries to help feed people most in need

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Administrators are The Well In The Desert are asking for the public's help in feeding people in need as the weather heats up.

David Ross said the summer months are the hardest for the Palm Springs non-profit organization.  "It's not just homeless people," Ross said.  "There's all kinds of low poverty, below poverty income people who can't afford to fill their refrigerator up.  We help them do that," said Ross.

Summertime means fewer people in the desert to donate, great need and dangerously hot weather.  Ross said, "the people on the street suffer, people in homes without air conditioning suffer.  It's just a real struggle, a real hard time."

The Well In The Desert serves hot meals five days a week at Palm Springs area churches along with sack lunches and weekly food boxes to thousands of people in the west valley.

It's been helping people for 15 years.

The organization is also looking to receive more financial support from the city of Palm Springs so it can continue its mission.  Ross said, "the city council is working right now on possibly getting us some money to help.  But we haven't got that approval on that yet, so we're hoping for that."

Ross said, "We're trying to get the community involved so they can help the people struggling.  Because there's a lot of people struggling."

You can help The Well In The Desert by donating money on it's website at http://www.wellinthedesert.org.  Ross said any amount helps the organization during these hard times.

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