Palm Springs celebrates gay pride

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Palm Springs brimmed with people happily celebrating gay pride all day long - and love for people that is unconditional.

"One love. You love everybody. It's not about black, white, brown, gay, straight. Everybody is one love. You got to get along in this world," Vangie Weems said at the parade.

Thousands of people lined Palm Canyon Drive for the 26th Annual Greater Palm Springs Pride Parade.

"It's such a happy feeling. When you can come together with pride for something like this, it just feels so good," Rae Rupert said at the parade.

In addition to floats and dancers galore, the 25th Annual AIDS Walk marched with the parade.

"It's a day we remember everybody who's passed on, but also we recommit to providing the best care to all those living with HIV in our community," Desert AIDS Project CEO David Brinkman said.

A special man took part in the walk.

"I'm the first person cured of HIV and I want everyone who is affected with this horrible disease to also be cured. I don't really like being the only person," Timothy Brown said.

The AIDS Walk is the recipient of the 2012 Spirit of Stonewall Advocate of the Year award.  

"Palm Springs is such a unique, caring community. There's a reason our patients live longer and live stronger. It's because we are part of this community that cares for everyone," Brinkman said.

The AIDS Walk raised money for client services at the Desert AIDS project,   trying to put more people in the cured category as well.
Whatever exciting and fun aspect of the day brought people to downtown Palm Springs, they agreed it's gay pride that made it a day to celebrate.

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