Online survey gives Indio residents a say in shops and restaurants coming to the city

INDIO, Calif. - Attention Indio residents - city leaders want to hear your wants.

"The city council really wanted to focus on economic development this year. Of course if you're going to focus on economic development, the most important voice comes from our residents and businesses," Indio Mayor Elaine Holmes said. 

On the City of Indio's website, you'll find a survey labeled "Indio Resident Retail Perceptions & Preferences."

"There's great questions like, 'What kind of shops do you want to see here?', 'What kind of general merchandise shops, what kind of restaurants?" Holmes said. 

We hit the streets to ask people who live in Indio those same questions.

"Sit-down restaurants. Maybe get a more family environment out here," George Nunio said. 

"It would be nice if they built a Walmart out here in Indio," Javier Hernandez said. 

"I'd really like to see more high-end shopping, retail, clothing stores," Lucy Scane said. 

"A little more options when it comes to groceries. A couple have been shut down. We only have stater brothers here," Nunio said. 

As you can see, people are very vocal about what they think they city should have. Holmes said she's listening.

"It's our residents that are really the people shopping here as well as people from other areas. This desert has a vast array of shopping, and Indio needs to prevent some of the outflow of business that leaves our city and keep some of it here," Holmes said. 

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes - your chance to speak your mind.

"I'm willing to commit that in the next couple of years there will be at least eight or 10 new retailers committed to coming to Indio and committed to build," Holmes said. 

The survey will stay online until the end of October, unless the city decides to leave it up longer.

You can find the survey at http://www.indio.org/survey. 

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