Obama spends Father's Day golfing, First Lady takes to Twitter

Obama spends Father's Day golfing, First Lady takes to Twitter

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - Father's Day for President Obama started on the links.
His motorcade spotted leaving Thunderbird Heights just after 9 a.m. Sunday headed for Porcupine Creek, a 250-acre private golf course.
Doug Brown lives around the corner and called it an honor having the president so close by.

"It's an absolutely gorgeous golf course and a beautiful area," he said.  "I think it's fantastic that the valley is so known for having presidents."

Other locals we met weren't fans of Obama's leisure trip to the valley in the midst of new attacks in Iraq.

"I think President Obama ought to be back in Washington. We have a lot of things he could be working on," said Hervey McGlashan of La Quinta. "The Middle East is going to pot."

After a round of golf, President Obama headed back to Thunderbird Heights, where he's been staying with the First Lady and their older daughter, Malia.
The ladies remained out of the public eye and their activities this weekend remain a mystery.
But the First Lady took to Twitter sunday morning to wish her husband a happy father's day with this photo.

"I kind of wish that she would actually show herself and someone would actually see her," said Rosie McInerney of Palm Desert.

Kimberly Ann Tahernia lives in Thunderbird Cove, next door the Heights, and says she hasn't seen anything but a high security presence in her neighborhood.
"They're probably just trying to get a lay of the land, they may have gone over to the country club, played tennis I don't know," Tahernia said.

Whether you agree with the President's politics are not, many people we met are happy about the spotlight his visits shine on the valley.

"It makes me feel proud to be a citizen of this area," Brown said.

"It's great exposure for Rancho Mirage and Thunderbird, we're very excited," Tahernia said.

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