New school teaches students curriculum in English and Spanish

COACHELLA, Calif. - At Wednesday's ribbon cutting ceremony for Imagine Riverside's new Coachella school on Avenue 50, students said the Pledge of Allegiance in both English and Spanish - a taste of what's to come at the dual-immersion school.

"All of the different areas in both languages," Dr. Grace Jimenez of Imagine Riverside said. 

You can find Imagine public charter schools all over the country.  There are a total of 70 schools in 12 states, with about 38,000 students.

"Dual immersion is a little different than bilingual. It means students will be proficient in two languages, bi-literate in English and Spanish," Jimenez said. 

Right now the school teaches kindergarten and first graders. Each year, Imagine Riverside will add a grade until it reaches K-8. 

"It's really important for students nowadays to be ready for a global economy. We are preparing students for jobs that aren't even existing right now," Jimenez said. 

A necessary education in two languages causes a lot of demand. 

"We do have a list of students waiting to be in classrooms and we do have an overage of students right now. We are seeing to break those up into smaller groups and have more attention to your students," she said. 

Parents watched their children at the ceremony, feeling lucky their sons and daughters will get this opportunity . 

"I think it's great especially for Spanish speaking families. My child doesn't speak spanish at all but she's here, and I wouldn't say she's fluent, but getting there," father Osiel Salinas said. 

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