New information released in Pinyon Pines triple murder

DA's office names suspects in Freidli homicide that happened Sep. 17th, 2006

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - New developments have surfaced  in a triple murder investigation that remains unsolved after nearly 7 1/2 years.

On September 17, 2006, 18-year-old Rebecca Freidli, her mother Vickie Freidli, 53, and her mother's boyfriend, 55-year-old Jon Hayward, were found dead at a Pinyon Pines home.

A Riverside County Grand Jury heard testimony in the case Monday, which could finally lead to criminal indictments.

News Channel 3 & CBS Local 2 have obtained documents from the lawyer for Javier Garcia Jr.  that clearly lay out who Riverside County District Attorney investigators believe carried out the crime. However, no official charges have been made yet.

AffidavitAffidavit 2Affidavit 3

An affidavit said Javier Garcia was one of Rebecca's best friends.

He was set to testify as a material witness on Tuesday.

Garcia's attorney spoke to us about the case Monday.

Eduardo G. Roy said Garcia is not a suspect and has never been considered a suspect in the Freidli murder investigation.

"What we want to give them [the victim's family] is something concrete, and now that we have a sworn declaration from the Deputy District Attorney identifying the suspects, identifying the motive and identifying the manner of the killing, we now feel we have some answers to give the family," said Roy.

Javier Garcia is now a Nevada State Corrections Officer and wants to clear his name. He said he's been tarnished by the media and by a former sheriff's investigator, insinuating he was involved in his friend's murder.

According to the District Attorney's affidavit, Becky Friedli didn't take the death threats against her seriously.

The Denny's server planned to go for a hike with both suspects the night she died.

The document also named a friend of that first suspect as an accomplice because the two men were together all night and they both turned off their cell phones during the time of the killings.  

But their cell phone pings also placed them near the Freidli home before and after the murders.

Police recovered a Glock handgun holster and three 12-gauge shotguns from the suspect's homes.  

Those were the same models of weapons used to shoot Freidli's mother and her boyfriend.

Investigators also took DNA evidence from the scene from a business card that matched the second suspect.

That second suspect claimed he'd never been to the Freidli home in Pinyon Pines.

The affidavit said Hayward was shot in chest with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Vicky Freidli was shot in the head, possibly from a Glock handgun.

Becky Freidli was found 70 feet from her home in a burning wheelbarrow.

Two sets of foot prints were found near the wheelbarrow.

Javier Garcia Junior is the son of former State Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, who's currently running for a State Senate seat.

His attorney says they're releasing this new information now for Becky's surviving father and sister because this new information has surfaced, identifying suspects, a motive and manner of the killing.

They hope the new information might bring the family some closure.

Continue to follow KESQ & CBS Local 2 as more details are released from court.

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