New FedEx Distribution Center Proposed for Palm Springs

FedEx Distribution Center Could Create Hundreds of Jobs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Positive news on the jobs front at home. A new proposed FedEx distribution center is expected to help create dozens, if not hundreds of brand new jobs in Palm Springs.
"The FedEx business is growing and you know the valley is growing. They needed a larger facility so they proposed this larger facility," said Director of Community and Economic Development in Palm Springs.

The new 150,000 square foot fedex center will sit on more than 22-acres of desert land located on West Garnet Avenue across from Intestate 10, near Indian Canyon Drive.
"In our opinion we're a little prejudice cause we're Palm Springs, but we think its probably the best location in the valley for a facility like this," Raymond said.   

The city just spent $25 million dollars in redoing the Interstate 10 interchange at Indian Canyon to improve the flow of traffic. Raymond said it could be the beginning of a new industrial hub.

So, we're hopeful that other companies and other developers kind of look at that Indian/I-10 area and say hey this is a good opportunity for us as well," Raymond said.

The facility, approved Monday by the city's architectural committee, will serve as a regional distribution center, and is expected to help create dozens of jobs.

"To build a 150,000 square foot building is a lot of construction jobs," Raymond said, "You know it's about a years worth of construction jobs, I mean it's a good project. You know at a minimum it'll create 100 new jobs," he added.

Hundreds of more jobs are expected to be created at the FedEx facility once the distribution center opens. The city said the project is on a strict schedule, but no word on when its expected to be completed.     
In considering a larger facility, FedEx says it is continuously evaluating opportunities that can enhance their ability to serve customers.
The project is now going to the Palm Springs Planning Commission for further approval.

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