Mysterious archaeological dig underway in Indio

Details of dig unknown

INDIO, Calif. - An archaeological dig is underway in North Indio, but what crews are looking for is unclear at this point.

The dig is happening at the southeast corner of Varner Road and Jefferson Street, near Interstate 10.

Cal Trans confirmed that the agency along with Riverside County hired an archaeological consultant to survey the area, but a media relations representative for Cal Trans didn't know what they hoped to uncover.

Residents in the area have seen a lot of activity at the site, and have been wondering what was going on.

"It doesn't bother me, but just curious to know what they're doing, because every day I see cars and people out there," said Malcolm Tapia who lives north of the site on Jefferson Street.

Two doors away from Tapia, neighbor Shaaron Wilson is intrigued by what may be buried on the parcel of land that archaeological crews are combing over.

"I think it's fascinating.  If there are fossils and stuff down there, I would love to get involved," said Wilson.

A Riverside County transit official told News Channel 3 the archaeological dig won't delay construction on the Jefferson Street interchange project, scheduled to begin by the end of year.

Cal Trans could reveal by the end of the week, what's suspected of being buried at the site.



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