Mural painting on hold in Palm Springs

"There is no policy for murals because murals are not allowed."

Mural painting on hold in Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - "There is no policy for murals because murals are not allowed," Palm Springs City Manager David Ready said. 

Yet there's one staring down at downtown Palm Springs on the outer wall of Bar. 

"That was illegal. That revived discussion that maybe the council will want a mural policy," Ready said. 

"There's a great deal of information and statistics that show in other cities it's been a draw for tourism and it's something residents love. It beautifies neighborhoods," marketing consultant Reggie Cameron said. 

However, with no mural policy in place, "Any sign like a mural would require a variance," Ready said. 

The city wants the artists to put down their brushes until a policy is created.  A group of artists were set to start painting murals on Arenas Road. They say they got approval from the city's Arts Commission, but the city shut them down over the weekend. 

"If they choose to go forward with the mural policy, the property owner will have to get into that process and the mural will be approved or not. If the council keeps the policy of no murals, that will have to come off the building,' Ready said. 

"I don't think it's anything about the city not being interested in encouraging art or culture in the city. They've been very generous about that in our history. I think it's just about getting a measure in place," Cameron added. 

That will happen soon. The city council will vote on whether or not to start allowing murals in palm springs on May 7th.   


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