Multiple big rigs crash in Cabazon

Incident backs up traffic on I-10

CABAZON, Calif. - A 10-mile stretch of westbound traffic on Interstate 10 came to almost a complete stand still following an accident in Cabazon Friday afternoon involving two big rigs.

The CHP says at 12:15 p.m., a box truck carrying medical waste overturned and a tanker truck was rear ended by a big rig.  According to the CHP, the two collisions were related and triggered by the driver of a pick-up pulling a trailer who was attempting to join westbound traffic from the Main Street on ramp.

"In the process of merging onto the freeway there was some miscommunication between drivers, it's unknown what exactly took place, but the rig that overturned was trying to avoid collision with the vehicle and lost control and overturned," said CHP Sgt. Reggie Williams.

The CHP says no one was hurt in either collision.  The medical waste being carried by the truck that overturned was not compromised and the tanker truck involved was not hauling fuel at the time of the incident.

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