Multi-million dollar development coming to Indio

INDIO, Calif. - A new multi-million dollar development is in the works for Indio.  The new shopping center will include, luxury apartments, a new hotel and lots of retail space. 

The new development will be called Northgate,  and it will sit just south of I-10 on Jefferson Street and Avenue 42. 

Indio is the fastest growing city in the Valley and city leaders want to keep up with demand. 

Right now this part of Indio very much looks like a desert, with nothing but sand blowing in the wind.  However,  in less than five years it will look completely different. 

 "We are very excited we think this is great for the city of Indio," said Indio Chamber of Commerce President Joshua Bonner.

 Developers say this $100 million project will transform the area into 363,000 square feet of luxury apartments, retail space and even a hospital.

"We've got a hospital coming which is Joint Replacement Hospital of America you can take you hip off and get it replaced right there," said developer Nachhattar Chandi.

Phase one, a new Arco station, is already complete.  Just to north of it, will be a luxury hotel. 

 "There is going to be a fast food restaurant we are lining up, we have a fitness center coming in," said Chandi.

All of it expected to bring jobs and more tax revenue to the area.

"Last year Indio was the fifth fastest growing city in the state of California, so when you have that kind of growth you have to have infrastructure to support it, so to come in and build the gas station, build the stores, build the housing, the apartments all of the things that support that growth, it is big for us," said Bonner.

The summer the area will also see a new freeway interchange at Jefferson, an improvement that is expected to bring in more people. 

"It's an interesting place too because a lot of the access to other cities, like La Quinta, for the music festivals, comes through Jefferson that is why they call it the Northgate area, so I think it's a great place to develop," said Bonner.

"A few years down the road, the latest greatest state of the art project right here," said Chandi.

Phase 2 will include the luxury apartments, hotel, and fitness center. That is expected to start by the end of this year with all 250 apartments ready to be lived in by next summer. 

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