Mother's Day By The Numbers

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Sunday is a big day for Nestor and Ashley Solis.


"It's my first Mother's Day. I'm used to telling my mom 'Happy Mother's Day.' Now people are going to be telling me 'Happy Mother's Day,'" mom-to-be Ashley Solis said.


Besides those three words, moms are also looking forward to plenty of flowers.


"Mother's Day is one of the busiest holidays out of the year. Everybody has a mother; not everybody has a lover," Gary Kort, owner of Milan's Flowers and Gifts, said.

From flowers to stuffed animals to other gifts, the average consumer will spend about $150 on their mom this year.


"It's worth it. It's your mom. She deserves it. It's one day a year," Ashley Solis said.


"She nurtured you. She gave you love, not like your father who taught you discipline," Ashley Solis' husband, Nestor, said.


That love toward moms has florists feeling the love, as well.


"I have between 200 and 400 deliveries, and I have five delivery people," Kort said.


It's a process he said takes all day Sunday, though most deliveries take place on Friday and Saturday.


"A lot of people are out of town on Sunday, or at dinner," Kort added.


Fifty-four percent of people plan to take their mom out for a nice dinner for the holiday. Still, two-thirds of people stick to floral arrangements.


The National Retail Federation said men spend about 62 percent more on their moms than women.


Will this mom-to-be get a gift from baby boy solis?

"I hope so!" Nestor Solis said. "She is already a mom. He's alive. I'm just happy."


Judging by the numbers that keep Mother's Day in full bloom, mom's will be happy, too.

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