Moms Celebrate Their Special Day In The Desert

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Desert moms tell us what they love about being a mom.


"It's fulfilling, it's wonderful. It's the best thing ever. I can't imagine what I did before I had kids actually," mom Leanne Post said.


A mother of two, Post and her family spent the morning at the endless buffet brunch at the Miramonte in Indian Wells.


"I just like relaxing with my family, having that family time. It's always rush, rush, rush during the week, and it's nice to just enjoy being with my children and my husband," Post said.


The Miramonte had a special honor for military families, offering them a free meal for their sacrifice.


"We just found that out. We didn't know that. That was really cool," military mom Nancy Gaona said.


Her husband, Brandon Gaona served as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps. He talked about the strength military moms have.


"It takes a lot of patience because they have to take charge of everything whenever I'm gone," Brandon Gaona said.


"Not only was I going to school, but I had to make sure he had his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He was going to preschool, potty training, and I was trying to be a super-mom," Nancy Gaona said.


Other desert moms chose another route of relaxation for their special day, by cooling off pool-side.

"It's very hot, you can't even walk without sandals," mom Amanda Telschaw said. "I love being a mom. My kids are my whole life."


At Civic Center Park, more moms and their kids enjoyed that great thing called family time .


"I think the best thing is they teach me new things everyday. They keep me on my toes. There's just a lot of love between the four of us," Krishna Rodriguez said.


Love she said gets magnified on this day.

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