Marijuana Eradication Team helps eradicate drugs that aren't marijuana

TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. - A San Bernadino Sheriff's division known as the Marijuana Eradication Team helped deputies from the Morongo Basin seize a variety of synthetic drugs, among other things, Thursday from locations in Twentynine Palms, Yucca Valley, and Joshua Tree.

According to a report from the San Bernadino Sheriff's Office, authorities seized Spice, Bath Salts, two firearms, proceeds from the sale of the synthetic drugs, and a small quantity of Methadone and Xanax.

Locations included three smoke shops in Twentynine Palms, two in Yucca Valley, and two homes of smoke shop owners.

From the report: "Spice is a synthetic narcotic similar to marijuana, while Bath Salts are synthetic forms of narcotics similar to methamphetamine, LSD and cocaine."

The raids stemmed from an investigation into "information that military personnel and local teenage kids were purchasing synthetic narcotics." Detectives went undercover and bought "a quantity of the substance known as 'Spice' from owners and clerks at the smoke shops" prior to preparing and serving search warrants at the locations.

Also from the report: "The labeling, packaging and product names associated with Spice and Bath Salts are commonly marketed to appeal to teenage customers.  Cartoon characters, colorful graphics and names familiar to adolescents are regularly used." 

Like Scooby Snax.

The hundreds of packages of "Spice" and "Bath Salts" seized were said to "have a retail value in excess of $50,000."

The suspects/owners were cited and the investigation will be forwarded to the District Attorney for filing of criminal charges. Additionally, the City of Twentynine Palms may take action for violations of city ordinances prohibiting the sale of synthetic drugs.

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