Man killed, police dog injured after standoff

Beaumont man killed by sharp shooters as he tried to threaten wife and child

BEAUMONT, Calif. - Authorities say a Riverside County man was shot and killed by SWAT officers after he shot and wounded a police dog.
Investigators say Chandler Cardwell, 38, was threatening to kill his wife and child yesterday morning.

Officers were called to his home on the 17000 block of Morgan Avenue near Interstate 10.
Sheriff's deputy Albert Martinez says Beaumont officers found Cardwell outside the home. He avoided contact with authorities by going into the garage.
The California Highway Patrol was called for backup, and arrived with a canine unit.
A dog was sent into the garage and was shot, and was able to return to its handler before being taken to a veterinary clinic.

After hours of failed negotiations, SWAT officers arrived and say they shot Cardwell while he was trying to break into the residence.

California Highway Patrol Officer Darren Meyer said the police dog injured Tuesday is named Ranger.

Ranger is two and a half years old and was with it's handler for one year.

"The dog was shot in right shoulder," said Meyer.  "The bullet exited it's front right elbow, then hit the ground and fragmented, causing injury to Ranger's rear paw," Meyer said.  "The paw was not amputated, but a toe was."

Meyer said the dog was released from the veterinarian Tuesday night and is now home with his handler resting comfortably.

The prognosis for recovery is good he said, but it is now questionable as to whether dog will return to duty.

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