Mall kiosk offers quick smart phone repairs

Tablets too; Apples 2 Oranges kiosk looking to go national

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If everything goes to plan, Apples 2 Oranges kiosks like the one at the Westfield Palm Desert mall will be popping up at malls across the country in the near future.

The concept behind the pilot store: repair iPhones and iPads as well as other smart phones, tablets and gadgets, and have the work done within 45 minutes or less.  "That's really a big key, people want to be connected; they don't want to miss their tweets, they don't want to miss their texts, that kind of thing. That's kinda what's great about our business, very quick turnaround," said Dion King, assistant manager of Apples 2 Oranges. 

And if you happen to pass by the Apples 2 Oranges kiosk, don't be alarmed  if you hear a little cowbell.  The cowbell comes out when a technician finishes a repair.  "It's just kind of a fun way for us to recognize the technician and it's great energy in the booth that we have," said King.  "One of the things we like to say is more cowbell, more cowbell." 

Also part of the fun, Apples 2 Oranges specializes in customizing phones for people who like a little bling.

King says business has been brisk since the kiosk opened in late October.   That's encouraging, since the business plan is to sell franchises to people across the country.  "They'd buy a franchise.  We'd give them training and support, then they'd be able to come in and basically manage it as an owner/operator," said King. 

Matthew Nigro of Salem, Wis., might be one of those future owner/operators.  He repairs iPhones on the side, and is impressed with the Apples 2 Oranges concept.  "It would definitely be something to think about.  Actually right now, I am looking to make a move here, but I mean, if I do end up staying in Wisconsin, I am definitely going to look up the website and the owners and see what we can do." 

Of course, a cowbell is optional, but encouraged.

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