Local U.S. Army veteran and family get home makeover

$12,000 in materials donated for project

Beaumont, Calif. - A U.S. Army veteran and his family are enjoying major improvements done to their home in Beaumont Friday, all in a matter of hours.

Adam and Megan Sampson along with their three sons watched as volunteers made the makeover happen.  The improvements included new landscaping, new flooring, a fire pit, a dishwasher and a play-set for the kids.

The project was born when the Sampsons contacted Home Depot about veteran discounts on garden tools.  When they heard back, the home improvement store and the local chapter of Disabled American Veterans said they wanted to give their home a better look.

"They came over and asked what kind of things would we like - we just said anything for the kids, some grass would be amazing, just alone, and I mean they took the ball and started running with it from there," said Adam Sampson.

As part of its foundation to improve the homes of U.S. military veterans, Home Depot donated almost $12,000 in materials toward the project.

Adam Sampson was forced to retire from the army after he lost some of his eye sight when he was hit by shrapnel from a road side bomb while serving in Iraq.

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