Local towing company played big role in flash floods

Mohica Towing rescued several people


CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Since Labor Day is about celebrating the contributions of the work force, 
what better time to recognize a business that served Cathedral City well in last week's flash flooding.

Some of the tow trucks on scene were from Mohica Towing.

The family-owned company took the initiative and sent four of its trucks to the heart of the flooding on Highway 111.

Knowing a number of people were trapped inside their vehicles in the middle of the street and in surrounding parking lots, the tow truck drivers moved in with their rigs after getting the OK from firefighters.

"We told them we've been in this situation before," said Marcos Mojica, a driver for Mohica Towing.  "So we told them it's probably a good idea that we take a look at these people and get them out of their cars before they have a major problem and have more water come through.  Cause it looked the water wasn't stopping."

Thanks to the efforts of the drivers, no one was hurt in the flooding.
Mohica Towing provided its services for free.


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