Local teens bus for hours to free music lessons

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Alejandra Duran and Lisette Reyes sit and wait for the SunLine bus in Indio. You can bet your bottom dollar they'll be there tomorrow, too, and, the next day and the next.

Their mothers can only drive them from Coachella to Indio because gas costs too much.

"It depends how much people there is, sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's two," Duran said of the bus ride across the valley. 

I rode the sunline with the girls all the way down Highway 111 to Palm Springs, a day in the life of two young girls just living their dreams.

I asked them each what they want to be when they grow up. Lisette said an actress, Alejandra said a singer. 

As Mrs. Hannigan in "Annie", Alejandra is on her way.

She joins other kids and teens from all over the valley taking center stage at Marquee in Palm Springs. 

"There's a lot of kids in the valley that haven't had a place to learn music. We wanted a place where, regardless of their financial standing, they could have the opportunity to come here and learn music," Matthew Naylor, founder of Marquee, said. 

Mature beyond her 16 years, Alejandra knows she couldn't get involved with theater if it cost money.

"I get to learn the piano. It's a new experience. Learn things I haven't done before," she said. 

She's a teenager traveling across the valley three sometimes four times a week.   

"You gotta take risks. You have to try," Alejandra said. 

You never know what she will be tomorrow.       

Ticket's to "Annie", which the kids perform Thursday, October 17th, cost $20. Proceeds help provide the free classes at Marquee. To buy tickets, go to www.marqueearts.org. 

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