Local teen writes song about anti-bullying

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - Actions may speak louder than words, but as Emi Grace knows, words still hurt.

"I've had words said to me that make me feel weak and not good enough," Grace said. 

She's a sophomore at Palm Valley School in Rancho Mirage.     

"It's hard being in high school. I see a lot of kids thinking they're better than everyone else. Telling each other words I'd never hear from adults most of the time. It kind of hurts they can't do anything about it," Grace said. 

Emi learned she can do something about it, though. 

"Scared to speak my mind, what if I say something wrong. People are so quick to judge, no one gets a chance anymore," Grace said. 

These words open her original song, 'Unchangeable.'

"It shows that nobody should be afraid to be who they are because everyone is important in their own way," she said. 

It's a deep message eluding many 16-year-olds.

"I've experienced bullying and seen bullying happen everywhere. I think once you experience it you want to share your story and share how you feel about it to help other people and make them not feel so alone," Grace said. 

"Emily is a superstar at the school. She is talented not only in the classroom but with the guitar and her vocals. She's not afraid to send her message here at the school singing in front of the school," Peter Kulevich of Palm Valley School said. 

Grace recalled singing 'Unchangeable' in front of her peers at an assembly.

"It was quiet and it was kind of nice to have that vibe of quiet and hear me and listen to my words," she said. 

The right ones can make a difference. 

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