Local retirement community honors veterans with rededicated wall

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Veterans at a Palm Desert retirement community were honored with a very public display Wednesday. Staff at the Atria Palm Desert rededicated a veterans wall inside the community.

The wall displays the pictures of ten World War II veterans who are residents or spouses of residents at Atria Palm Desert. All branches of the military were represented.

Staff at the retirement community said the rededicated wall was a way to showcase the service of these veterans.

"What I hope what people see when they come in is victory," Teresa Ramirez, a staff members, said. "The fact that these men go and fight for our country. I want them to know the sacrifices that they went out, to protect our country but at the same time, the victory that came out of it."

One veteran said it was merely his duty to serve his country.

"I never felt that we needed to be babied and talked about," Harry Barnett, a World War II navy veteran, said. "Everybody in the whole world had a job to do during the war."

Staff at the retirement community said more veterans could be put on the wall if they move into the community.

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