Local reaction to possible government shutdown

PALM DESERT, Calif. - "I hope it doesn't happen because a lot of people will be out of work a certain period of time," Rick Bontempo said. 

A possible government shutdown - concerning words for some. 

"I am. I'm running by my financial profiles, how much it's going to affect it," Hardy Sanner said. 

"It's important for the country. You don't want the country to start defaulting. We may default we may not. It's not a good thing to shut the government down," Bontempo said. 

For others, the words don't mean as much.

"I try to sometimes but it's like, the government is going to do what they're going to do," Raymond Malone said. 

"Honestly I have no idea. I apologize I have no comment," Kris Petree said.  

For those keeping an eye on the game of chicken, there's a lot of frustration.

"Just find something that will work and move on," Raziq Noorali said. 

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