Local photographer captures unveiling of 'Forever Marilyn' in New Jersey

Local photographer captures unveiling of Forever Marilyn in New Jersey

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Photographer Gregg Felsen, of Palm Springs, captured many photos of the famous "Forever Marilyn" sculpture under the Coachella Valley sun while it spent nearly two years in Palm Springs.

"I photographed her more than anyone I suppose," said Felsen.

The Marilyn Monroe statue traveled cross-country to make Hamilton, New Jersey its new home. Felsen's photos led him there May 2.

"I had the good fortune of being hired by the Sculpture Foundation that owns Marilyn and went to Hamilton, New Jersey where they had an unveiling of Marilyn," he said.

She's now the centerpiece of a lifetime retrospective exhibit, honoring her creator, 84-year-old artist Seward Johnson, at a park called the Grounds for Sculpture. However, Felsen said the statue isn't quite in the spotlight like it once was.     

"She looks fabulous. There aren't huge crowds like there are here," said Felsen. "It's very different from here where you've got the mountains. There it's very green and lush."
Palm Springs Resorts is among countless requests from across the globe for the 26-foot-tall beauty, when the exhibit is done in September. The group is in ongoing negotiations with the sculpture foundation to buy the statue and bring it back to Palm Springs for good.

No word when the blonde bombshell could return or where they will display Norma Jean if she comes back.

"Everybody loves it. Marilyn was the meeting place here in Palm Springs. I hope it comes back," said Felsen.

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