Local man not paid for job he found on the internet

Local man not paid for job he found on the internet

COACHELLA, Calif. - Richard Rivera just wanted to make some extra cash.

"I wouldn't be picking up trash if I didn't need the money. Nobody would," he said.

So, he responded to a job ad he saw on Craigslist for a company called 504 West, to clean up the Indio Polo grounds during both weekends of Coachella Fest. 

"They told us to come on the 22nd to get paid. On that day, they call me and say to come on Thursday the 24th because the checks weren't ready. They said checks," he said.

From that point on, nothing added up. Not only did 504 West give Rivera cash instead of a check - he says the company shorted him about $100.  When Rivera persisted, he says 504 West got aggressive.

We called 504 west, and this is what we heard: "Thank you for calling 504 West. We are no longer hiring and there are no more shifts available. The office will be closed until Thursday May 1st. And on Thursday you can pick up your check." 

We went there, too, but couldn't get in. A man came out and told us it's an empty building, for storage.
"Picking up  trash, switching bags. It wasn't the best job, but it was honest job, and I thought I was doing honest work," Rivera said.

504 West said the Craigslist ad was wrong on how much they'll pay employees, thus the reason for the shortage to Rivera,  but the company will honor the amount the ad said.

We'll continue to follow this story and see if Rivera gets paid. 

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