Local Girl Scouts Gear up for Cookie Sales

Troop Leaders Pick up Initial Orders in Palm Desert


Palm Desert, Calif. -      Coachella Valley Girl Scouts are preparing to hit their neighborhoods and grocery stores selling their famous cookies.  On Saturday, local troop leaders filed their initial orders, packing their minivans and moving trucks with dozens of boxes.     
     Troop leaders say it's a great way to teach young scouts about business.
     "It kind of teaches them to be little C.E.O.'s of their own company right away, to learn how to market their product, how to sell their product, and what to do with the money once they have it," said Troop Leader Stephanie Sorapuru.
     The girl scouts started selling cookies in 1917 and they sell about 200 million boxes per year. Most of that money stays within the organization.
     "This is the main source of revenue for the Girl Scouts to support their program and 70 percent of the profit goes back to the girls," said Chuck Mackinnon the Vice President of Fund Development for the Girl Scouts.
     This year, the Girl Scouts are going high-tech.  
     The organization has developed an app, "Cookie Locator" and a website to help customers find nearby vendors.
     Sorapuru says her troop will be using social media to get the word out.
     "We have a Facebook page we got business cards, emails, mostly the Facebook page reaching out to everybody to let them know our troop is selling."
     Third Grade Girl Scout Anna Braun is sticking to a more traditional way to get the word out.
     "I made a business cards that have my email address and my mom's cell phone number so if I miss them I can give it to them."
     Girl Scouts say shelling out four dollars for a box means tasty cookies and some life experience for these young scouts.

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